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Yo there. This is the archive for the Did You Knows that have appeared on the front page at one point or another. This first page is from a time when the template was not regularly supervised and as such may contain complete madness and vanity/vandalism. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Wanna add something to the front page DYK section? Use this template, which goes straight on there. Cool eh?

Did you know...

  • ... that I'm really thirsty? Don't you hate it when every single thing you can drink with is not ready for usage?
  • ... that IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!! Dancing Banana
  • ... that I am not your homeboy, and I'll put my new 'uns wherever the heck I want.
  • ... that eebles can sonk but seebles can't onk?
  • ... JO'Z HEER?!
  • ... that you can't do it when you B&Q it?
  • ... that I am a Gibraltan fish. My hot male friend sitting beside me made that one up. Credit goes to him.
  • ... that I should really be more active here, but the penguins are awfully haandicapped?
  • .... that I shall uses FOUR dots for great justice!!!
  • ... that communism is not political, it is actually variety of goldfish?
  • ... when the Time Traveller's convention is? It was the day before yesterday, so don't be tardis.
  • ... That you're a superfluous nipple?
  • ... That all you guys who put new ones at the bottom are dum?
  • ... That Kobe is the man!!!
  • ... That poo is a vegetable?
  • ... that the picture I just removed has been there long enough, so now it's time for it to be gone?
  • ... that I put this here?
  • ... that due to the writer's strike we're saved from having to watch Ugly Betty?
  • ... that we're out of flapjacks? Seriously.
  • ... that I can jump higher than an elephant? Really. Have you ever seen an elephant jump?
  • ...that originality is the capital of Alabama?
  • ...McDeath is coming for you?
  • ...that I am your father?
  • ...that stupidity is hereditary but baldness isn't?
  • ...that the guy without the beard from ZZ Top hasn't yet earned his whiskers?
  • ...jasdhaskdjasfgaghiaeaiou hsdfiuasiueryuiwaeyiuai usdabsdbuvfiauvfiweueuue?
  • ...The Banana is eeble sonk?
  • ...That your life is worthless? LOL.
  • ...Anything? Probably not.
  • ...The picture to the right will keep following the top of the page?
  • ...Cela apporte une larme à mes yeux qu'une telle chose pourrait se produire si rarement!
  • ...iiiiiiitt's not Chriiiiiiissstmaaaaaaasssss any more!?
    • Noddy Holder has nothing to do for another year.
  • ...that originality sucks? Trite clichés all the way, man.
  • ...that Illogicopedia is NOT funny?
  • ...that you dont know that i dont know that you dont know that i know that you dont know?!
  • ...that I know something you don't know, DOO DAH, DOO DAH.
  • ...that I didn't know?
  • ...that most of the decent DYK ideas have been written long ago?
  • ...this is the first DYK for ages without "that" at the start of it?
  • ...that the bogey man is really desperately lonely?
  • ...that it took me ages to figure out what "pocket rocket" meant?
  • ...THAT YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE!?!?!??!!?!!!!1!
  • ...that I'm watching you?
  • ...that the last DYK was completely unnecessary *slaps oneself*?
  • ...that, your mum!
  • ...nachos can talk????

  • ...That coming up with a creative title
    for an article is extremely difficult?
  • .......................?
  • ...That a sandwich found on a restroom floor is similar
    in almost every way to a timeline of the year 1847?
  • ...That this is vanity, but only slightly blatant?
  • ... that, contrary to poplar belief, the poplar is not a tree?
  • ...that this is blatant vanity too?
  • ...Bcbkye is watching your every move...?
  • ... your pet lizard ate my shiny new toaster?
  • ... 2pence?
  • ... I want my MTV?
  • ... that it's nice to see you, to see you.... dead. Take that zombie!
  • ... ashdhashdgaudgbayudctayuffaavyuuiygueguayuyqdfacazbndxusaihaiuwwq?
  • ... dieses spreche ich Deutsches im Augenblick? Und Sie haben das meiste wahrscheinliche verwendete Babelfish zum Übersetzen dieses?
  • ... that Ryan is trying to resist making an article called "HINDLEYITE HINDLEYITE HINDLEYITE" because Hindleyite is "sick of these thricings"?
  • ... that Heather says "hate hate hat"? great Hindley now show me your money.
  • ... that every time anyone uses the phrase 'hate hate hat' anywhere in the world, Hindleyite gets paid 2p?
  • the answer to the Ultimate Question? If you think you did, click here! (It's not 42, by the way)
  • !yenool s'taht woN ?sdrawkcab nettirw si ecnetnes siht taht...
  • ...DID YOU?!
  • ...that the Empire is a function of x to the fourth power divided by Stuttgart Klackon! Mrrshan Diplomacy! plus the amount of Communists currently reading this page?
  • ...that you need to vist this wiki before an alien abducts you and truns you into a cheesy banana?
  • ... that you need to read this article before your head turns green and you grow bald and are glued to your seat?
  • ...that ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg?
  • ... that HelloolleH is epic Failing?
  • ... that, umm, errrr, wait I kno-EPIC FAIL!!!!
  • ... that Ryan can now upload pictures? Yay!?
  • ... That Jambi CAN in fact leave his colorful box!?!?!?
  • ... Hibble to the blibble to the weeble McSkooble. Blee!
  • ... Wut?
  • ... Lol
  • ... that 705 BBC Radio 5 Live 14:05 Audio service? Press red for guide?
  • ... that I am Heather and Heather needs to stop writing this because she feels it is annoying the heck outta people?
  • .. that I've seen a Mexican build a roof in fifteen seconds, which also made me lose my job? I'm getting that mexican!!!!!
  • ... that dsajk asd;klj asd;oifadsu ;oijasu;oi uas;oiduf a;oiuew4oi 539087
  • ... wait, we where talking about illogicopedia? I thougt we were talking about clowns! Darn it! Elassint 00:53, 26 Octodest 2007 (UTC)
  • ... no that it is a widely known fact heather is the best she win the last illogipickle and she will win the next one...mine is the only one with randumb stuff... Fashionista5676 00:48, 26 Octodest 2007 (UTC) CRAZY RANDUMB STUFF
  • ... that Fashionista5676 completely lied in that below DYK! Besides Greg is better than both of them! 00:32, 26 Octodest 2007 (UTC)
  • ... that Elassint completely lied in that below DYK Fashionista5676 00:31, 26 Octodest 2007 (UTC)
  • ... that Ryan is better than heather? And i am not Ryan! OWND! Elassint 00:40, 25 Octodest 2007 (UTC)
  • ... that I need to say somethin' do Elassint:


  • ... that I hate cows who don't eat Ryan?
  • ... that I wonder who Ryan is?
  • ... that I am Heather and heather keeps writing this?
  • ... that Ryan doesnt know the cheese Heather doesnt nose the cheese greg noses teh cheese!!!!!!!!!
  • ... that I, the Heather are the greatest person in this website?
  • ... that the Pope tastes of bananas? It's true, I ate him.
  • ... that this is 1 second after the below DYK?
  • ... that I can speed type?

    A rare photo of ryan

  • ... that Phrubub Ryan nose the cheese?
  • ... that Ryan isn't dead? Here, PROOF. --Ryan. 00:11, 23 Octodest 2007 (UTC)
  • ... that Ryanio ryanio RYANIO ryanIO?
  • ... that i dont get that thing that dead ryanio said? ole! ole! ole! ole!
  • ... OMFGWTF?
  • ... that i can still confiscate ryan anyway
  • ... that last time i checked Ryan begins with Robert wich is bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb?
  • ... that Ryan starts with S?
  • ... that Heather can confiscate unconfiscatable people including those that have a name beginning with the letter R?
  • ... that Ryan cannot be confiscated ha ha?
  • ... that Heather cannot be confiscated ha ha?
  • ... that Ryan wonders who Heather is and wishes to confiscate Heather?
  • ... that i am heather and heather wrote this again?
  • ... that heather wonders who ryan is and wishes to confiscate ryan?
  • ... that brianna likes some guy named ryan?
  • ... that I wonder who ryan is?
  • ... that I wonder who Ryan is?
  • ... that Heather is the owning person of the world?
  • ... that some wierdmen is posting the name ryan everywhere?
  • ... that Ryan is freaking out to the Did You Know that is 6 Did You Know's down?
  • ... that asdfghkkl=qwertyuiop?
  • ... that Phurub nose the cheese?
  • ... that
  • ... that I am Heather and Heather wrote this?
  • ... that you better not say ryan because brianna is crazy she likes this guy named ryan i read her diary she left it open?
  • ... that
  • ... that its always fun to annoy people by putting things (like this quoute) in the wrong order) Elassint 00:40, 25 Octodest 2007 (UTC)
  • ... that I am neither Karl nor Ryan but they both wrote this?
  • ... that you sound like a dork if you start all your sentences with "Did you know..."?
  • ... that I am not Karl and Karl did not write this?
  • ... that I am Ryan and Ryan wrote this?
  • ... that NO ONE LIKES RYAN!!!!!!!
  • ... that I am not Ryan or Karl or Jon or Liam or Jonathan or Benson?
  • ... that I am a peanut?
  • ... that I didn't know?
  • ... that the 1000 beachballs you met last year are coming for you?
  • ... that Karl does not follow suit?
  • ... that Ryan follows suit?
  • ... that the air is walking?
  • ... that I am Heather and Heather wrote this?
  • ... that Cheese=mcMOO?
  • ... that fried noodles should be boiled before they are fried?
  • ... that there are some farmers that can milk cheese and milk milk? You'll have to guess how...
  • ... that I know all the below
  • ... that google searching "google" will let you travel inside the computer? Go on, just headbutt the screen. Oh, and kick that paperclip guy on microsoft word for me.
  • ... that Phrubub Nose the Cheese?
  • ... it i'n't right int' yed?
  • ... that the note put at the top of the template was placed by a Salamander to confuse u? New ones actually go at teh bottom.
  • ... that nobody cares?
  • ... that if i hear the name Hearther OR Ryan i again on this website i am going to lose IT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! YEAAAAARRRG!!!!!!! Elassint 22:41, 24 Octodest 2007 (UTC)/Greg

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