“Eat me on the moon!”

Death Cheese is the easy way to get death. All you need to do is eat it, and you'll soon experience one of the most cheesy deaths imaginable.

Instructions Edit

Death Cheese can be created when:

  • An apple and a pencil try to kill eachother - the pencil sings a song as the apple tries to do the can can. They both realize that they can't do the can can and die. A person steps on them and some death cheese falls from the sky.
  • Flobbiejoben - read up on sanity to learn how to make death cheese with this epic poem.

HELLLOOOOOO Why people use Death Cheese Edit

How should I know? Read death. people use death cheese to eat pastrami coz it is AMAZIINNGGGG. the endd. also grace is kindaa amazing at irish accentsss :-) yeyy we love death cccheessse ROSHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNIII IS M,Y NAME

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