“Eat me on the moon!”

"Curry" is the name for a large bar of soap made using very special ingredients.

The identifiable ingredients are this:

The unindentifiable ingredients are as follows:

  • ĎəЉθ
  • Ẅẫ∞♫☻☻ﷲﺱפהההנ
  • Swiss Cheese
  • ضŐőőőőőőőőőőőőőőőẄ
  • Şŏ™Ħīņģτнª±Ęжוςŧэтңסא†
  • A movie, name unknown

Perhaps it'th tastyGNAAAAR.

Places that sell curry are near you! (albeit they are usually a smoking crater)

Try asking The Terminator.

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