Clean all your coins!

Removes bloodstains perfectly!

~ Serial killer on Cillit Bang

Hi, I'm Barry Scott (Makes mouth movements)

~ Barry Scott on that dubbed advert

A cleaning fluid that removes anything... even yamama yoghourt.

Chemical componentsEdit

I know it was used in the Eighth World War by Suiseiseki against the Dirigibles and Super Japan

~ Desu on Random Insanity

It made my mum go away.

~ emo4eva on Cillit Bang

Invented by Johann Gambolputty von Ausfern-Splenden-Schlittel-Crasscrenbon-Fried-Digger-Dingle-Dangle- Dongle-Dungle-Burstein-von-Knackertrasher-Applebanger-Horowitz- Ticolensic-Grander-Knotty-Spelltinkle-Grandlich-Grumblemayer- Spelterwasser-Kurstlich-This-Is-Beggining-To-Drag-On-Himbleeisen- Bahnwagen-Gutenabent-Bitte-Ein-Nörnburger-Bratwurstle-Gersputen-Mitz- Weimache-Luber-Hundsfut-Shonedanker-Kalbsfleisch-Auf-Weidersehn-Mittler -Aucher-von-Hautkopft-of-Ulm-tler VII.

See also, Dung BeetlesEdit

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