“Eat me on the moon!”

A Chicken Nugget is an annoying person who is very rarely normal, but can be normal on occasion if you offer him ketchup. Are you a chicken nugget? See here.

...You're a chicken nugget. Let's face it. Nobody likes a chicken nugget.

To be a good chicken nugget, you have to be crispy and delicious (that's D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, for you spelling-impaired nuggets), or you will be thrown in the trash at a fast food joint.

You know, without a doubt, that you are a chicken nugget, if people call you "chicken nugget" for no apparent reason. Well, a chicken nugget isn't exactly a person, because it acts too friggen strange to be a person. So, you are not human!

The world is full of Chicken Nuggets, and you are probably one yourself. Everyone has known at least one chicken nugget in their life! Well, the above text states you aren't delicious, so be prepared to be eaten and/or make some kid fat.

And remember this... all chicken nuggets were chickens at one time. Then they were cooked. Probably because they were stupid enough to let some drunken idiot cut their heads off and cook them. Now, think about that.

Chicken Nugget CharacteristicsEdit

You are a chicken nugget if...

Are you a Chicken Nugget? Edit

Well, are you?

Of course you aren't! Lol Edit

... Well, unless you fit the above description...

What are You Talking about?!?!? Edit

Of course you are one! The article says so!

Just forget it...Edit

Figure it out yourself! Don't bother me with this!

If you haven't figured out what a Chicken Nugget is by now...Edit

A chicken nugget is a person who is highly annoying, and such a stupid, friggen idiot that it's just scary. Plus Delicious!! Many chicken nuggets die when a restaurant finds them, and they often die when they are eaten by fat people. These losers have no life, 'cuz they're just chicken nuggets!

Mean names, for insulting a Chicken NuggetEdit

The Bottom Line Edit

So, the bottom line is... Don't be a Chicken Nugget! Unless you are one, which you are.

Oh and for your information, everyone is a chicken nugget. Later, nuggets of the chickens!

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