Ad Hominem is the best thing that happened in debating.

What the heck is Ad Hominem?Edit

Only fools hate Ad Hominem.

   Person A makes claim X
   Person A is a bit stupid
   Therefore claim X is false 

Of course, human rights advocates say that it's terribly wrong, but of course they are false, because they are stuck in the sixties. You will always win in debates, because you can claim that your opponent is in breach of regulations and knock out their lights.

But isn't Ad Hominem a fallacy?Edit

Of course not! How could you think such things? You are blind to the truth to not even understand what Ad Hominem is. Of course, I know a whole lot about it, because I read encyclopedias in my apre time. I bet you don't understand the word debrating. You don't even know Engrish. You just got the words you just spoke from a dictionary., in debating you can't-Edit

Goldstein agent! Loser! Mommy's Boy! Fool! Mole!

This is total nonsense!Edit

NONSENSE! Shut up! Shut up! Shut the cheese up! Shut the carp up! Shut up! Shut the suck up!

I'm leaving!Edit

It doesn't matter. I have won the debate, <insert name here>. Ha! Oh look, my tea is ready.

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